Emerging With Wings
     Emerging With Wings

What our customers have to say about "Emerging With Wings".  

I loved the book and a friend of mine has it now. Donna H. (April 26, 2017)

"I have your book and OMG!! It's wonderful!" LaTisha M. Bowie 2016

The National Association of Baby Boomer Women introduces and interviews Danielle: click here

"After I got mine, I bought a copy for my friend & also for my sister!"  Cheryl George

"I'm reading it for a second time. It has helped me so much. I stay up way too late because I can't put it down." Dawn Falk 

"..I'm on page 43.(you've made it to San Diego)...can't put the book down...***!"


and then later from the same reader:


"We lost electricity Wednesday evening...so I ended up finishing your book using a flashlight...not kidding!!" Carol


I could not put the book down. I had to finally stop b/c of my eyes. I cant wait to get started again!!! Its so uncanny how many exp’s you had that are like mine. Its like you read my mail. The circumstances aren’t the same but the after affects are. Its unbelievable how similar our childhoods were. WOW…

and later

Hi Danielle, 
  I had to tell you this! Your book has changed my way of thinking... 

Terri Long



"Maybe you could make a workbook?" multiple readers

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